Fayette County Civitan Club

Fayette Civitan's Rules and Procedures

  1. Raffle ticket buyers must provide their name, email, phone number, and address upon purchase.
  2. Raffle tickets must be bought by May 31st to be eligible for the draw.
  3. The winning raffle number for each day in June will be determined by the noon-day Georgia Cash 3 Lottery on WSB.
  4. Winning raffle ticket holders must claim their prizes at Barrow Guns, LLC by July 31st or forfeit their winnings.
  5. If you live out-of-state or do not want to travel to Barrow guns, you may have barrow ship your gun to the federal firearms Licensee (“FFL”) of your choice.
  6. Barrow Guns, LLC, 29 S. Broad Street, Butler, GA31006 – Phone: (478) 862-5205 Barrow Guns is the FFL for Fayette Civitan’s gun raffles.

Federal and State Rules and Regulations

  1. Non-Profit Organizations: Many gun raffles are conducted by non-profit organizations as fundraising events. These organizations might be required to have specific licenses to conduct raffles.
  2. Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Involvement: When a firearm is raffled, the actual transfer of the firearm typically needs to go through an FFL. This means that even if someone wins the raffle, they must go to an FFL, complete the appropriate paperwork, and pass a background check before taking possession of the firearm. 
  3. Background Checks: All federal and state laws apply to the transfer of firearms, whether they are purchased in a store, won in a raffle, or acquired some other way. In Georgia, a person receiving a handgun through a raffle would undergo the same state and federal background checks as they would if they were purchasing the firearm.
  4. Age Restrictions: The winner of the firearm must meet age restrictions, typically 18 for long guns (like rifles and shotguns) and 21 for handguns.
  5. State Gambling Laws: While raffles can be considered a form of gambling, many states, including Georgia, have exceptions for non-profit organizations. However, these organizations typically need to ensure they follow specific regulations to be in compliance.
  6. Firearm Transportation and Storage: If the raffle is taking place at an event (like a fundraiser or fair), the firearms should be stored and displayed safely and responsibly to prevent theft and accidents.
  7. Advertising: When advertising a gun raffle, it’s essential to be clear about all rules, requirements, and steps a winner will need to take to claim their prize. Misleading or false advertising can lead to legal issues.
  8. Local Ordinances: While state law provides a framework, local ordinances may impose additional restrictions or requirements on raffles, including gun raffles.

For specifics, especially if you’re considering holding a gun raffle, it would be best to consult with legal counsel familiar with Georgia law and any local ordinances that might apply. Always ensure you’re compliant with all federal, state, and local laws before proceeding.

Fayette County Raffle License