Fayette County Civitan Club


The Joseph Sams School for children with special needs, has been supported, both physically and financially, by the Fayette County Civitan Club since its inception in the early 1980s. Civitans helped frame our first building.

In 2010  Fayette Civitan remodel our kitchen and added a 2nd kitchen for training purposes.

Thank you, Fayette County Civitans, for your continual support of Camp Big Heart. You are facilitating independence for kids and respite for their families.  Your generosity profoundly impacts many lives with kindness.

For 23 years your financial gifts and volunteer work have been a cornerstone of SW Christian Care’s community services in Fayette County. Your unmatched generosity empowers many. Together we foster love, compassion and hope for all those in need.

Thank you to the Fayette County Civitan Club for playing a crucial role in the success of Stop Suicide USA (previously known as Armed Forces Mission) since 2012. Your unwavering support has facilitated more than 2,000 crisis interventions and enabled the delivery of 26,000 training sessions in suicide prevention. Your dedication truly saves lives!

Kenneth “Lou” Koon

Thank you Fayette County Civitans for your unwavering support since 1992, aiding the Fayette Samaritans in providing essential services to thousands in our community. Your contributions in time as well as financial have been invaluable. 


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